Even if only a small thing, do what you can.
It’s time to start preventing global warming.

Right now, the whole world is sharing the common experience of fighting the Corona virus pandemic.
This battle has taught us, once again, about the preciousness of life, and the need to cooperate when tackling crises of global scale.

In the midst of all this, I have come to several realizations.

One is, that it is critically important to confront this crisis for humankind, and the possibilities for us to act are within reach.

Another is, that if people are able to unite, we will be able to fight this global crisis.

And finally, we must understand that we are not without limits, and that we must live within the realities imposed by our finite world.

Regardless of our desires, circumstances dictate we may not be able to see the people we want to see or go to the places we want to visit. Others still, unable to secure a hospital bed, have fallen severely ill.

Our lives have been transformed.
When restrictions are placed on our movement and activities, the focus of our daily lives and the things we think about are streamlined accordingly.

In parallel, I think a similar rationalization will be applied to companies.
Throughout this period of Corona, I have felt a growing sense of urgency and concern that the companies failing to meet the public’s expectations will be similarly discarded.

Perhaps Corona is a wake-up call for us. Maybe it is telling us, “If you hurt the earth anymore, you will be punished.”

The world must change, and Corona has visited precisely at such a time.

We live in a finite world and can no longer remain indifferent to the fact that our planet is screaming.
It is time to show evidence of our convictions with some kind of action.

One area we can do this in is with helping to prevent global warming.

I feel very uncomfortable when I put out my non-burnable trash, and increasingly this has been weighing heavily on me.
Recently, someone told me that it is possible to recycle everything.
It was a lightbulb moment for me, and I was inspired to know we can turn just about anything into resources instead of throwing it away as trash.

Understanding the importance of soil, and the necessity for the sun and rain, is something that cannot be fully expressed with words.
Rather, it is something you feel when surrounded by nature.
You instinctively understand they are essential, and their mere existence gives rise to visceral feelings of gratitude.

Hoppy’s commitment to environmental consciousness has a long history and is symbolized by having only ever used glass bottles.
The consequences of micro-plastics are an issue that the beverage industry has long been struggling with. But it has come a time to turn these concerns into action.

Nature is what keeps us alive, not the other way around.
We know it is fragile, unique, and irreplaceable, and that we are powerless in the face of nature.
Yet we press on with the unrelenting destruction of this precious gift that sustains life.

With each summer Japan is becoming increasingly subtropical, and you can really feel this in the middle of Tokyo. There is a sense of being overwhelmed, as if our living environment is being destroyed by an irresistible force.

If we do not take action against global warming now, the planet will be irreparably damaged.

To ignore global warming is like sawing at the base of a branch you are standing on.
Inevitably, the branch will break, and we will tumble to the ground. Then what will become of us?

All we have is the earth.
Now is the time.
Now is now.
It's now or never.
We have to start preventing global warming.
Even if it's small, let's do what we can do.
Together, we can make a big difference.

Mina Ishiwatari
President and CEO
Hoppy Beverage Co., Ltd.