Refreshing Squared: Ginger Guarana




Drinking cold Co-Up Guarana is a refreshing joy, just as a refreshing breeze. But you don’t need to be satisfied with this much joy, put one more thing to gear up its refreshing note, ginger syrup.
Here is the method:
Prepare ginger syrup and a small piece of ginger, long and cylindrical glass aka collins glass. Pour 10 to 15cc ginger syrup and grated ginger into a glass, and stir well. Put ice cubes and pour Co-Up Guarana, you can squeeze fresh lemon a bit and put it into the glass. Ta-da! It’s Ginger Guarana, refreshing squared.
You will enjoy the harmony of slight spiciness of each ingredients and again, its refreshing afternote.
Please try and enjoy Ginger Guarana!
(to be continued)