The Man who Loved Co-Up Guarana throughout His Life




One time, Co-Up Guarana made its selling 15 million bottles per year nationwide but they faced an incident that stopped its growth. Back in time, the small and medium soft drink makers did not have a sterilizer because they did not need the machine to produce their main products such as ramune and cider.

However, Co-Up Guarana contained apple juice and it required to be treated with heat to cut turbidity or dirt. Koichi Ishiwatari, the Second Generation of Hoppy Beverage Co., was concerned the possibility and he made a suggestion not to use fresh apple juice at the committee, but they did not listen to him. So that Koichi decided to talk to the expert to make it without fresh juice but the same taste, and tried to spread this recipe / method to each companies.

And then, the incident happened. One of the cola makers found out that Co-Up Guarana uses preservative instead of using sterilizer, and spread the negative campaign. It made people away from choosing Co-Up Guarana and the companies producing Co-Up Guarana also quitted manufacturing, and the production volume has decreased all at once.

Co-Up Guarana today is made with preservative free recipe / method and you can enjoy without health anxiety. Koichi did believe that Co-Up Guarana has great potential to attract people and he continued working on new sales strategies until the very end of his life. He was a man who loved Co-Up Guarana throughout his life.
(to be continued)