Glass Roots Selling Co-Up Guarana with Route-to-Market Car




It was 1967, Showa 42, when Koichi Ishiwatari, the 2nd generation of Hoppy Beverage Co. ran and ran in Tokyo Metropolitan to sell Co-Up Guarana. He just became a part of Kokuka, the former company of Hoppy Beverage Co. We had 2 route-to-market cars at that time. Koichi decided to invest one more car to strengthen Co-Up Guarana and he even designed the car to advertise the product itself and drove by himself to promote with his 4 men.

Koichi once shared his memories with an agony face, “We were often told that they don’t need guarana because they have Coca-Cola. Some of them even told us they would think about it if they could get a better sales margin.” It was like tackling with bare hands a huge capital quantity operation. However, their efforts brought 15 million bottles selling nationwide one year. Even now, you can enjoy Co-Up Guarana at GINZA RENOIR, and it is said that their first cafe at Yotsuya, Tokyo has guarana on the menu since Koichi opened the account with them.
(to be continued)