Hokkaido, the Sanctuary of Guarana Drink




You can find guarana drinks all over Japan and Hokkaido is the sanctuary with numerous brands sold. It was quick and almost simultaneous across the country when Coca-Cola began its production in Japan, but Hokkaido was different because of the geographical reasons. And OBARA, the original manufacturer of Co-Up Guarana penetrated Hokkaido region beating out Coca-Cola expansion. With those historical backgrounds, Co-Up Guarana has become the soul drink of the people in Hokkaido.

Currently, there are so many local brands and manufactures in Hokkaido and you can get them including Co-Up Guarana in supermarkets and convenience stores. They even have seasonal featured drinks and it’s hard to keep track of the numbers, at least 30 items!

Some people from Hokkaido who come to Tokyo encountered slight culture shock not to find guarana drinks in a vending machine or in a convenience store. And those who miss the taste and want to drink go to GINZA RENOIR because you can always find Co-Up Guarana on the menu. More than 100 stores including izakayas and RENOIR cafes offer Co-Up Guarana in Tokyo and Kanto region. When you find it, please try and refresh yourself. We are celebrating this Made in Japan Brown Soda’s 60th anniversary this year and would like to continue to deliver its energy and refreshing taste to our customers. Appreciate again for your support now and then!
(to be continued)