Guarana Lifts You Up




The guarana plant bloom its white flowers from July to August, the fruits are small and bright red, those round seeds are the ingredient of Co-Up Guarana. The Guarani people in the Amazon basin first pile up a lot of red fruits to promote its fermentation and then pick up seeds remaining. The seeds are crushed into powder, mixed with cacao and cassava, which is a type of potato, and kneaded with water to make dumplings, and then, smoked and dried to be preserved. Traditionally, the Guarani people grained the dumpling melt with hot water and drink. Guarana seeds are used medicinally mainly as stimulant, painkillers, and as treatments
for diarrhea, headaches and migraine.

Other than caffeine, guarana seeds contain 15 types of amino acids, catechin, and potassium, which is said to improve blood flow and carry oxygen throughout the body, which is effective in relieving fatigue and arteriosclerosis. Poor blood circulation made you feel dull and tired because it means that the oxygen and energy don’t circulate throughout your body well. It is said that guaranine in guarana has the effect of improving the function of the heart that pumps blood and increasing blood volume. A good blood supply means a good supply of ygen and energy, and removes feeling exhaustion.
(to be continued)