Guarana for the Love Song to Cheer You Up




Sukima Switch, a Japanese jazz fusion duo who made their first Oricon (the company behind the domestic music industry’s ranking charts) number-one single with their song titled “GUARANA” released in summer of 2006.
It is a song about a guy, who falls in love but he cannot even speak out to her. Is he going to give up his love again? No, just go this time, talk to her, and get her. The uptempo music cheers you up but there is no “guarana” in lyric at all. Why did they make this title?
One time the duo shared the reason for the title on the TV show, saying they wanted it cheering tone and came up with guarana. Every youth experienced that burst-out feeling, feeling for someone you cannot control, you just want to confess, but you couldn’t so far because you got scared. But this time is different, no more excuses, you are going to deal with your first true crash, and here you go! This song is the engine of your heart out, and the
guarana might be a perfect title in that way.
(to be continued)