The Shape of Co-Up Guarana Bottle: Standing Figure of Maiko at Ozashiki




We introduced that the shape of Co-Up Guarana bottle is imitating Maiko, the entertainer. To tell the truth, I couldn’t get it because when I see Maiko-san on Gion Street in Kyoto, their figures don’t look like the bottle.
Maiko-san usually holds a so-called tsuma, a part of Kimono with her left hand when she walks, and it makes her silhouette narrowed but the shape of the bottle has a wide bottom. I was wondering why….
The mystery was solved when I saw her at ozashiki (the party room). Maiko-san showed her dance and the hem of the kimono spread out on the tatami mat and it just looked like the bottle shape.
Maiko-san wears a kimono without making ohashori, which is the folding part of the clothes, so she always drags hem. When she walks on the street, she holds the hem up not to get dirt.
The one who got the idea of the bottle shape of Co-Up Guarana knew how to enjoy ozashiki asobi and appreciated the beauty of the world by Geiko and Maiko, I guess. Their omotenashi, which is more than just hospitality, go deeper than just providing services, you may see the beauty of seasons from their kimono pattern, Kanzashi hairpin, and more. You may find the same spirit in the bottle of Co-Up Guarana