Cheers! Co-Up Guarana with 60th Anniversary Label




Co-Up Guarana is celebrating 60th anniversary this year. As a long-selling product more than half a century, and to show our appreciation to your continuing support and love, we renewed the label to commemorate its 60th anniversary. We designed the number “60,” and also put the statement of “THE JAPAN BRAND.” Let us explain the story behind this, the story about the men who contributed to make Co-Up Guarana. Co-Up Guarana was born in 1960, 4 years before the last Tokyo Olympics in 1964. The term “no longer postwar” was appeared in the economic white paper in 1956, and it was at the time when Japan was beginning to experience the full bloom in the era of high economic growth. More economic development brought more criticism toward Japan’s foreign exchange and import control policies among other countries. Especially from the United States of America, we experienced harsh criticism denounced that Japan is rich in exports but imposes high tariffs on imported goods, and it is unfair. Japan, which had finally recovered to this point from zero after the World War II, had to make concessions one after another to meet the international demand.

The pressure of trade liberalization, mainly from the United States, was a major burden to the Japanese industry, which had just been restored from WWII. It was like a football player tackling a baby who has just begun toddling. When Coca-Cola was launched in Japan, the soft drink industry experienced the same situation. Brown soda suddenly attacked the world of clear soda such as cider and ramune in Japan. The industry had to face this serious danger but they did not surrender doing nothing, they stood up together, small and medium-sized enterprises confronted a hugely-capitalized global company and built a fighting spirit. And they made this “Made in Japan” brown soda, Co-Up Soda. As long as we are alive, we won’t lose. This is the spirit of the men who stood up and we decided to put the line “THE JAPAN BRAND,” on the new label to show our respect. (to be continued)