Coca-Cola, USA Co-Up Guarana, Japan




Guarana was our partner to fight against Coca-Cola.
We decided to import guarana extract from Brazil, adjust the taste to meet our favor, and supply it to each manufacturer of the JSDA members to sell.

We made our own style bottle for this “Brown Soda made in Japan,” we shaped the bottle imitating Maiko in Kyoto because the Coca-Cola bottle looks like a flare skirt.
The name “Co-Up Guarana ” is from the sound of “Coup” referring to our collaboration (co-operation) as well.

By forming an organization called Nihon Coup Guarana Co., Ltd. and becoming a shareholder of it, we were able to manufacture and sell this drink. Hide Ishiwatari, the founder of Hoppy Beverage Co. always had his faith that the small and medium-sized manufacturers must work together in order to survive against huge capital enterprises, and his vision turned out in real in this way to face this crisis. There were 30 manufactures and companies that would like to have Co-Up Guarana, and to meet their request, we categorized 3 ways to go: 1) Producing Only, 2) Selling Only, 3) Producing and Selling. We were flexible and it worked out great.
(to be continued)