Guarana’s Birth Story: The External Pressure of Coca-Cola




It was 1957, Showa 32, when Coca-Cola came to Japan. Its unique aroma and bubbly intense, the brown soda Coca-Cola was a huge sensation in Japan and to the industry that focused on cider (a nonalcoholic drink similar to Sprite) and ramune (clear soda introduced to Japan in 1876 from Great Britain), it was exactly another arrival of Black Ships.

Japanese people immediately fell in love with Coke and the sales of ramune and cider fell down sharply. To deal with this crisis, the Japan Soft Drink Association (JSDA) started research to take countermeasures to Coca-Cola, and while searching for other drinks from all over the world, the JSDA found a guarana in the Amazon basin.

Around the area, people make the powder from guarana tree nuts and put in drinking water as a tonic, also figured that a Brazilian beer company sells it in carbonated drinks in bottles. So that the JSDA decided to produce this type of drink to sell in order to win back the market and the journey has begun.
(to be continued)