My statement: Succeeding the Spirit of the Legacy. Co-Up Guarana is the Japanese first brown soda which my grandfather and his fellow made, and my father loved and sold with his heart too.




Mina Ishiwatari, Managing Director, Japan Co-Up Co., Ltd.
The last autumn 2019, I took the post of Managing Director of Japan Co-Up Co., Ltd. This company was originally founded by my grandfather and I have been serving as president until my father passed away last August.

I am grateful to Mr. Koichi Obara , who succeeded my father and became president now. He manufactures and sells Co-Up Guarana at his Obara Co., Ltd. in Hokkaido, and he has been a key player to make Hokkaido the kingdom of Co-Up Guarana. My first job as a managing director was this label renewal to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

My father was a big fan and truly loved Co-Up Guarana.He often told me that it could sell better. About a week before he passed away, he wanted to drink Co-Up Guarana, even though he was already in a difficult condition to drink water. I and my mother still remember he sipped three times from the spoon, he tasted it so deliciously and looked so happy, and I simply thought that I want to be like him, love our own product from the bottom of our heart.

Co-Up Guarana is not only a product but also a memento of my father for me. I will work hard to reach the wider public market than my father tried and deliver this amazing brown soda to you.
(to be continued)