Fuko Chubachi


The illustration for July was done by Fuko Chubachi, Creative Director of 3 Day Monk, a boutique design firm. She started by working at an advertising agency and moved to the U.S. in 2002. She built her career by creating album covers for Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and other famous artists as an art director at Sony Music. She left Sony Music in 2017 and founded her own creative studio, 3 Day Monk, to conduct photoshoots, produce events, and design graphic works with her visual creativity. She also directs the Art Land project to create a solid brand image for Hoppy. Fuko created this month’s art piece with the English version design of, “BE HAPPY WITH HOPPY,” which is derived from the message from Hoppy’s 70th Anniversary celebration, “Hoppy Happy, Happy Hoppy.” She illustrated different Hoppy bottles to reflect Hoppy’s origin after WW2. Since there was a shortage of goods, Hoppy was contained in various bottles of the stationing US army. It also reflects Hoppy as a mixed beverage: “If there are ten people, there are ten ways. If there are hundred people, there are hundred ways [to enjoy Hoppy].”