Andrew Archer


The illustration for January was done by Andrew Archer, an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. His artwork specializes in a mic of hallucinogenic color and rhythmic line and is inspired by pop culture, surrealism, wood block prints, and more. He’ve worked with fashion brands such as NIKE and KENZO, sports industries such as NBA and FIA Formula E, and magazines such as Rolling Stone and WIRED. Andrew created this month’s art piece based on the image of the magnificent nature of his hometown, New Zealand. He drew a picture of a wild boar parent and child ran around on the reddish ground since this is the year of the Boar in Chinese astrology. Snow-covered Hoppy bottle is appeared between rising sunrise and fireworks. He shared his thoughts saying, “I wanted to create a unique view of the Southern Hemisphere and the New Year in the Northern Hemisphere to symbolize the unique nature of Hoppy. Happy new year and best wishes for the year to come.”