Liam Madden


The illustration for May was done by Liam Madden, an artist based in Limerick, Ireland. His artwork is known for its impressive collages of simple and colorful shades based on the inspiration he gets from music and fashion. Liam created this month’s art piece with the phrase, “Hoppy World”, in symmetry by centering the Hoppy Tumbler and Tokyo Tower. He also illustrates Hoppy Lanterns and spring plants such as clovers, azaleas, tulips, and wisteria. Carp streamers are also featured, which symbolize May. He shared his thoughts, saying, “I tried to capture the essence of the month of May in Japan. May in Japan is between spring and summer, so essentially I wanted to capture the beginning of a lively fresh green season, so I felt it was appropriate to utilize fresh green plants such as the Clover, but also incorporate the Azalea flower, which is a symbol of spring.”