Svabhu Kohli

アーティスト (インド)

Svabhu Kohli, an artist based in India. His artwork is known for its unique world view that combines digital art and watercolors with a reputation for drawing on a circular basis and is oftern inspired by the sea and nature. Svabhu created this month’s art piece with the inspiration of the Japanese rainy season overflowing from Hoppy’s iconic bottle, and he drew a picture of a beautiful hydrangea flower with Hoppy lanterns. His delicate art expression and the season of Japan were wonderfully merged in this art work. He shared his thoughts, saying, “The brief excited me in all ways from the cultural context and creating something around a season closest to my heart. I’m waiting for the day I get to visit Japan physically as I have been deeply engaging with its art forms right from the time I was a child – from animes, fashion, food, music and art – I’m immensely inspired by their rich heritage and culture.”